sydney cross dressing services

Sydney Cross dressing, Makeovers, Hairdressing / Barbering & Gurlscaping for Cross dressers & Transgender women

I offer a range of services that I’m sure you will find something that may interest you. Whether you’re wanting to experience anything from a full transformation with a touch of Glamour, or we can experiment with new looks. I can teach you how to be more convincingly feminine, how to walk in those killer heels, help you choose your style of dress as well as help with your makeup application.

Depending on your experience and the style of dressing you require will determine the amount of time needed for our session. Everything I offer is tailored made to your needs as everyone is different. Have a read through the services that I offer. You may be interested in a few options. Like I said, your day here is tailored to your individual needs.

My new Sydney location is private and ideal for you to relax and enjoy yourself while all dressed up.

Please don’t forget to read through the FAQs page.